Greendolphins Glass is Duncan Stewart.

“I work with glass.

My working life BG (before glass) was bookended by art schools: Edinburgh, where I studied Architecture way back in the last century, and Glasgow School of Art, where I signed up for two classes at the Summer School in 2015: Introduction to Stained Glass and Introduction to Fused Glass.

It was the second of these which really sparked my imagination. Cutting up bits of glass and putting them in the kiln before leaving for the day: each morning was like Christmas.

At the same time I was completing the build of a new extension on my house, a room which, more and more, looked like a potential studio: the kiln arrived in November 2015.

Using the kiln, which heats the glass to up to over 800 degrees celsius, I work with recycled glass (windows or bottles) and specialist art glass from the USA. My pieces may also incorporate wire, glass paint, metal foil, etc. The look and feel of the finished piece can vary, depending on how it is fired in the kiln.

I said I “work” with glass: more accurate to say I “play” with glass.“


2017 Burns Squared, Robert Burns Birthplace Museum, Alloway

2017 OSA (Open Studios Ayrshire) Members Exhibition, Rozelle House, Ayr

2018 Glorious Glass, Trades House, Glasgow

2018 Winter Showcase, Six Foot Gallery, Glasgow

The Glassman

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